NEW ARTICLE: Freedman coauthored (with Matt Nutting) "Regulation A+ Creates Mini-IPOs for All Investors," published by Accredited Investor Markets (, April 2015.

NEW WEBINAR: Freedman will serve as moderator for a webinar, "Crowdfunding from the Startup's Perspective," on May 5, 2015. Produced by Financial Poise.

NEW BOOK: Freedman coauthored Equity Crowdfunding for Investors, to be published in June 2015 by Wiley & Sons. See chapter summaries (PDF).

NEW ARTICLE: Freedman coauthored "Comparing 4 Kinds of Equity Offering Platforms," including Reg A+, Reg D, intrastate exemptions, and Title III equity crowdfunding. (April 2015)
David M. Freedman, Financial & Legal Journalist

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