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Cosmic Landscapes

Emotional explorations
beyond the edge of the universe

I discovered embroidery as an art form after my daughter was born in 1991. I had been painting with acrylics on canvas; but painting became difficult with a baby in the house, so I started stitching on painter’s canvas. It was love at first stitch. What I found appealing about embroidery was the sensuousness of pulling thread through canvas, the meditative rhythm of stitching, and the various textures that I could create with fibers, fabric, beads and other materials.

I have always pondered questions about our universe and what lies beyond—the questions that can never be answered by science or religion. My embroideries are called Cosmic Landscapes because they represent my spiritual exploration of the unexplained universe, the musings that I can’t put into words.

I am delighted as viewers share their own interpretations of my work. Each piece seems to have many meanings, and that captures the essence of my exploration—there are no definitive answers, only musings.

Harriet Kohn
Highland Park, Illinois













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